Selected Sculpture

"There is something fundamentally appealing in Curry’s sculptures — perhaps it is that we recognize the objects that he finds in charity shops, dollar stores and on the street, or perhaps it is our desire of the exotic evoked by the associations to the places and cultures these objects signify."

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Untitled. slide carousel, ashtray, decorative planter. 2011.

Untitled. beach sand, bottle, rubber inner tube, glass presentation stand, golf ball. 2011.

Untitled. painted bamboo, rubber inner tubes. 2016.

installation for bird sanctuary, Centro León.

Untitled. conga drum, mirrored perspex, decorative platters, polystyrene, beach sand. 2012.

Untitled. ashtrays, nickernuts, plastic flower vase. 2011.

Untitled. lampshade, decorative platter, polystyrene, seashells. 2011.

Untitled. table, fan cover, tinted perspex, sea urchin. 2012.

Untitled. feathers, clothes hangers, gold earrings. 2011.

Untitled. customised concrete balustrades. 2016. Centro León collection.

Untitled. glass flower vase, ornamental plastic shell, cake stand. 2011.

Frangenberg Collection. 

Untitled. stand, footstool, shipwreck, coconut. 2012.

Untitled. rope, bull shark jaw, cassette tape. 2009.